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Your Message

Communicating your message is always our number one priority while developing your website.

We do this with a focus on professional design and ease of navigation. Learn more about the four design elements of a great website below.


Fonts play an extremely influential role in the design of a website and Vimley Media always chooses fonts that fit the theme and message.


Colors define the feeling of your website. This is very important when trying to convey a certain message to the website visitors.


People want to see what they are reading about. Images are a great way for people to visualize the words on the page.


Graphics are extremely useful in explaining topics and making a website look modern while still being easily navigatable.

Recent Work

Learn more about some of the recent websites Vimley Media has developed. 

Scott Bahr for Livonia City Council

Capturing Memories in the Making - Photography by Emily

Excellent custom websites created with these user-friendly online website builders for easy updates by you!

Scott Bahr for Livonia City Council

Councilman Scott Bahr reached out to Vimley Media looking to update his website for his upcoming re-election. Vimley Media worked within his tight 10-day timeline and designed a website that conveys his platform to supporters and enables them to donate to his campaign.

Capturing Memories in the Making

Emily reached out to Vimley Media looking to build a gallery/information website for her photography business. We decided to have a strong focus on her past work and have the gallery be the home page. The gallery was designed with updating in mind, using an easily updatable element so that Emily can post her current pictures quickly.



Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is how your website is reflected on mobile phones and tablets.

Since phone screens are significantly smaller than computer monitors, we can design a mobile-optimized version of your website with all the same content just arranged in a different way. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely powerful tool that enables people to find and interact with your site with much more ease.


Vimley Media sets up basic SEO with every website but for more advanced optimization and advertising, it will be an additional fee.

Production Speed

Final websites can be published in as little as 2 weeks of originally receiving site content. Production quality is never lost in speed.

Domain Registration

If you want a custom domain name for your website (ex: we can direct you on how to set it up for no additional cost.


Each website presents its own challenges in content management and design. Due to this, each project is priced individually. Pricing is based on the estimated amount of work time and the difficulty, which is determined by some basic questions about the project.


As a small business with low overhead, our pricing is very competitive with no hidden fees. 

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